Monday, August 2, 2010

Laboratory Apparatus And Their Uses

Laboratory Apparatus And Their Uses

Every laboratory apparatus has its precise use and the people should have the knowledge about the proper use of laboratory apparatus or laboratory glassware.

The most common laboratory apparatus and their uses are listed below:

Beaker = A container used for measuring the liquid.
Barrette = Used for measuring the volume of the solution.
Wire gauze = used for spreading the heat of a burner(flame).
Test tube brush = It is used to clean the test tube.
Droper = It is used for adding the solution drop by drop.
Magnifying glass = It is used for viewing the minute objects.
Filter paper = It is used for separating the liquid and the precipitate.
Stirring rod = It is used for mixing the liquids or distribution of heat in a liquid by stirring.
Spring balance = used for measuring the mass of the materials.
Forceps = It is used for holding or picking up small objects.
Watch glass = It is used for holding small samples of the substances on which the experiment is performed.
Wash bottle = It is used for dispensing small quantities of distilled water.
Test-tube holders = It is used for holding the test tubes.
Test tubes = it is used for holding small samples or performing small-scale reactions
Pipette - It is used for transferring one substance into another by measuring.
Centrifuge - It is used for separating the materials of varying densities from a colloid.
Thermometer - It is used for measuring the temperature.
PH Scale - It is used for measuring the acidity or basicity of the solution.
Crucible - it is used for heating a small amount of a solid substance at a very high temperature.
Tripod = It is a three-legged stand that supports the wire gauze while heating.
Microscope = It is used for viewing the ultra minute objects by the process of magnification.
Multimeter = It is used for measuring the current, voltage and resistance.


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