Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Laboratory Safety Rules, Precautions

Laboratory Safety Rules

The experiments performed in the laboratory varies according to the type of the laboratory. Physics laboratory contains electric laboratory apparatus where electrical and optical experiments are performed. In chemistry laboratory the chemical reactions are done and the properties of the chemicals are determined. Wherein the biology laboratory experiments involving plants and animals are performed.The experiments are performed on the basis of the the steps mentioned in experiment book which also states some safety guidelines which needs to be maintained while performing the experiments in the laboratory.

Physics laboratory safety precautions / rules:

* Live wires should not be touched.

* Hot Objects should not be touched with barren hands instead of that gloves should be used the most common process is heating of water in thermodynamic experiments.

* Circuit connections should be checked and approved by the teacher and then only the circuit should be switched ON.

* While changing components of the circuit the power should be switched so that one should not experience electric shocks.

* Safety spectacles, gloves and other safety components should be used while handling experiments.

* While handling a mercury thermometer one should take of the mercury spills.

* No other laboratory instruments should be touched or handled which is not involved in the course of experiments.

Chemistry laboratory safety precautions / rules:

* One should not pick up the broken glass with barren hands instead use gloves and the trash to be disposed with safety.

* Equipments such as centrifuges should be properly balanced.

* Precipitates should be separated very carefully.

* One should not taste chemicals or touch chemicals with barren hands.

* Acids should not be strongly heated.

* Glassware should be thoroughly washed and and should be properly dried by heating before performing any experiments involving laboratory glassware.

* Proper precautions should be maintained while sucking liquids with the help of pipette.

Biology laboratory safety precautions / rules:

* Microscope should be handled properly and should be properly illuminated so that the slides are properly visible.

* Safety masks, Lab coat and gloves should be wared while performing the dissection experiments.

* While detecting the blood group a new needle should be used and the used one should be disposed off properly.

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