Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Medical Laboratory Apparatus

Medical Laboratory Apparatus

Medical laboratory is a laboratory usually seen in the hospital or medical college campuses. Various types of laboratory glassware and laboratory instruments that are used in medical laboratory are not so commonly used in normal laboratories. So for using these laboratory apparatus training is required without which it may cost the life of the patients or the workers working in medical laboratory.

Most Common Medical laboratory Apparatus are:

Fingertip oximeter
Pulse oximeter
Fingertip pulse oximeter
Cover glass and microscope slide
Flip up loupes
Dental X-ray system
HV-400 Radio Frequency unit
High-speed refrigerated centrifuge
Table-top low speed large capacity centrifuge
Blood glucose monitoring
Suction Machine
Fetal doppler
Blood Pressure Monitor
Blood collection tube
Empty capsule
Vacuum Blood Collection Tube(Fluoride Oxalate tube)
Early Pregnancy Test Kit
Ovulation Test Kits
Disposable Urine Collection Container
Disposable Stool Collection Container
Marquette 3-lead lead wires
Spo2 sensor
Fetal / Maternal Monitor
Dental Loupe
Ultrasonic Homogenizer
Rapid occult blood FOB test cassette
Hematology Analyzer (Blood Cell Counter)
Disposable Plastic Urine Cup
Washing Bottle
Centrifuge Tube
Vacuum Oven
Body and Surface Infrared Thermometer
Hernia Bag
Medical wrapping
Mercurial Sphygmomanometer
Scalpel Blades
Disposable syringe
Inverted biological microscope

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