Thursday, March 17, 2011

Safety Laboratory Precautions

Safety Laboratory Precautions

The physics and chemistry laboratory is a potentially dangerous workplace and so it is necessary to take precautions while handling laboratory instruments to avoid accidents which may be fatal.

Safety Rules for Laboratory Precautions:

- Clarify all your doubts with the teacher and keep her informed of any event to occur.
- Before beginning a practical you must know and understand the processes that are going to take place.
- Avoid unnecessary trips and never run.
- Keep silent and try to stay focused on what you have to do.
- Place the apparatus and reagents away from the edge of the table.
- Never pipette corrosive or poisonous liquid.
- Keep combustible materials away from flames and burners.
- Never look at the mouth of the test tubes or flasks when performing a reaction, in anticipation of splashing.
- In general, all products must be mixed in small amounts and slowly.
- If you accidentally touch or drop any product, wash affected area with water and inform that teacher about the incident.
- Throw solid waste into the trash.
- When finished is finished clean and dry the material before leaving.

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